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At Beyond Lashes and Brows, we offer an array of eyelash extensions. Our main categories of eyelash extensions are Classic Eyelash Extensions, Hybrid Eyelash Extensions and Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions. 

​We believe in an extensive and comprehensive initial consultation. We will assess and evaluate the shape of your eyes, volume of your eyelashes, the direction of growth, and the health of the lashes. Based on our evaluation and your expectations, we will design and style to your needs. That is perfect for you.

We isolate every lash that we lash, use ultra light weight PBT faux mink lashes so that your eyelashes retain their natural health and do not sustain any damage. We use ellipse flat lashes with split tips and the thinnest, lightest lash available for Mega Our Russian Volume Set. We use one off korean finest top eyelash glue and use glue accelerator to prep our lashes as well as disinfecting them before lashing and finish up with 'super bonder'.

This gives our lash extension "Cruelty Free and Damage Free".


You will require refills every two to three weeks to keep your lashes looking beautiful and full. There should be a good half or more of lash extension left to be considered as a refill (when you start seeing gaps).

One of the most popular eyelash extension choices are classic eyelash extensions. Here, one extension is fixed to each individual natural eyelash. This gives you a natural, luscious look.

Classic Eyelash Extensions

Hybrid Eyelash Extensions -Sandringham-Bayside-

Hybrid Eyelash Extension consist of a mix of Russian Volume (multiple, fine and soft mink eyelashes are fixed to each natural eyelash) and Classic Eyelash Extension (one extension is fixed to each individual natural eyelash).

Russian Eyelash Extensions -Sandringham-Bayside-

In Russian Volume Eyelash extension, multiple, fine and soft mink eyelashes are fixed to each natural eyelash. We make it a point to hand make each individual fan, which is then fixed to your natural eyelash. This requires expertise and finesse, and we are proud to inform you that Beyond Lashes and Brows, we have the right skill and expertise to ensure the best outcomes.


We will evaluate your natural lashes to determine the length of the mink eyelashes that we will be using. We will also decide how many mink eyelashes will be fixed to each natural eyelash. These measures ensure your eyelashes do not sustain any damage.


Our Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions do not weigh down your eyelashes. They do not look fake; instead, they give density and length to your eyelashes in a natural manner.

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