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Microneedling -Sandringham- Bayside


Micro-needling is also known as 'Collagen Reproduction' which helps with many skin concerns, it helps tightening the skin, correct skin tones, minimise open pores, erase stretch marks and scars (including acne scarring), ease of pigmentation, remove celulite, hair growth and  bringing your skin back to life so you can achieve a flawless skin.  

What is Micro-Needling?

Here, we will use microneedles to make micro-punctures in the skin. This stimulates production of collagen and facilitates regeneration of the skin. We use both manual technics focusing on the area problems to achieve better results, as well as derma pen. These microneedles just pierce about 0.2mm to 0.75mm into the skin depending on each individual skin thickness. Although Microneedling is almost a painless procedure, some areas eg: forehead - there will some feelings of pain. Most of our client do not pre numbing, and we recommend not to pre numb, this allows us to see exactly how deep we can microneedling each individual skin, as everyone's skin thickness are slightly different from one person to another.

Why Opt for Microneedling?

The end results of microneedling are spectacular. Straight after the treatment, you will feel and notice your skin looking firmer, smoother and moisturised. As a result, appearance of wrinkles will be minimal and you will have younger-looking skin. We Recommend a serious of treatments to achieve the results that you wish, a minimum  of 3 treatments (with 2 weeks - 1 months apart) is required depending the results each clients like to achieve.


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