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Clean Lashes Means Healthy Lashes.

Updated: Oct 10, 2018

Cleaning your lash extensions daily not only that it helps your eyelash extension retention, it also keeps your lashes healthy.

Clean lash extensions last longer, although I recently realised that most lash clients don't like to think so. Most of the time they are worried and believe that their lashes will fall out when they clean their lashes.

“Lashes must be cleaned and brushed as part of your daily home care routine”

Some clients believe that keeping their lash extensions away from water will keep then on longer, however this is very untrue and has quite the opposite effect. Yes, always avoid water (steam) for the first 24 hours if your lash artist didn't use a super bonder after the lash extension application. However this doesn't mean don't get them wet forever! Your lash extensions will fall off prematurely when you avoid cleansing them regularly.

How critical is it to cleanse your lash extension?

It is definitely is very critical to wash your lash extension everyday if possible and at lease every second day if you are very busy or lazy. Improper cleansing or avoiding to wash them all together will cause problems resulting in your lashes not lasting as long as they should. Not cleansing regularly or correctly also leads to potential infections, irrirtations, poor lash health growth and lash mites (and yep they are real thing).

Dirt, makeup, oil and dead skin cell can build up in your lash line very quickly. All the build up will eat away at your lash extension's glue bond, it dissolve and break it down over time. In order to maintain and keep a stronger bond to to your natural lashes, the lash glue must be keep clean.

When your lashes are dirty it doesn't mean that you can see it in the mirror, however under your lash technician's lamp and magnifying glasses the build up is very obvious.

It kinda of the same as you wouldn't go and see your dentist with dirty teeth and not brushing before your appointment. Therefore come to your lash appointment with a clean set of lash, at least clean it the night before your appointment. Do not wear mascara to your appointment as it will eat into your lash application time, which means you will have less lash extensions. Mascaara should be avoid as it helps to break down the lash extension glue, besides that to remove mascara off your lashes requires you to rub your lashes, which can damage and cause a lash lost.

Clients who washes their lashes correctly and in between appointments return with so much more lashes then those that don't at all, cleanse less or incorrectly. Refills only applies when you have 50% left (when you start seeing gaps), This is when you need a refill which ensures your lashes are always looking full and luscious.

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