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Eyelash Extensions Aftercare

Updated: Feb 3

Your aftercare plays one of the most important part of any treatment to last and have the best benefits and results you desire.

Eyelash Extension Aftercare.

It is recommended to to keep your new eyelashes from any exposure to water, steam and sweat for the first 24 hrs. Be very careful when opening a hot oven, as when you open the oven door there will be a lot of hot heat escaping from the oven. make sure your lashes/face is as far from the heat as possible. Please avoid shower on the day after your lash extension, and when washing your face in the evening avoid the eye area.

First 24 hrs;  Do Not   - get your lashes wet   - wash them    - rub them excessively    - wear day wear mascara   - use an eyelash curler    - pick your lashes Avoid    - hot steam and sauna    - heat from showers or kitchens (oven, when opening). ​ After 24 hrs; Do Not  - use waterproof mascara as the ingredients will dissolve the bonding agent.               - pick on the lashes or rub vigorously.  - use eyelash curlers. Avoid    - oil based make up removers, cleanser, lotions, or eye creams. These product will dissolve the eyelash bonding agent.               - wearing normal mascaras and eyeliners, as they can affect the glue and make it difficult to perform infills.               - excess steam and heat will as it will shorten the life of your lashes.           - excess swimming in the ocean, which contains a lot of natural oils and salt, which can affect the glue over time.               - sleeping on your sides, so that your lashes are not crucrushed on your pillow at night. Do sleep on your back if possible.               - products with Glycols ingredients as it will break down the glue bond over time (shampoos, facial cleanser and body wash). So try to stay away from them if you want to clean your lashes. However they are fine to use on your face or hair as long it doesn't come into contact with your lashes.​ Cleaning Your Lashes. Cleaning your lashes daily after the 24/48 hrs after your lash extension is very important. This is to keep your lashes clean, get rid of any oil build up and gives a better retention. It also removes make-up build up which can habour bacteria and lash mites. 

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