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Eyelash Growth Cycle

Eyelash Growth Cycle

Thick, long eyelashes are considered as one of the most beautiful, desirable assets a woman can have. You can come across a myriad of products out there that aim at enhancing the overall looks of the eyelashes. Right from mascara to eyelash conditioner, eyelash extensions, and so more –women around the world are adamant at ensuring that their eyelashes are looking perfect at all times.

It might become a little bit unsettling if you wake up in the morning and find one or two eyelashes fallen & resting on your cheeks. No one likes to lose an eyelash or two. However, it is imperative for women out there to understand the normal life cycle of the eyelashes if you do not wish to get demotivated every time your eyelash falls out. This is because eyelashes are just like any other hair that you have on the body. As such, eyelashes perpetually grow following a normal life cycle.

Eyelashes & Hair Growth

Hair growth in the eyelashes also tends to follow a typical hair growth life cycle. There are different stages of eyelash hair growth until it reaches a specified length. In fact, all types of body hair, including eyelashes, tend to complete the replacement process every few years by following the given hair growth life cycle.

Here are the eyelash growth cycle stages you must know about:

  • Growth Phase: Also referred to as the “Anagen” phase, the growth phase of the eyelashes is the one in which the lashes are active and growing at an expected rate. The growth or anagen phase for the eyelashes is known to last for around 30-45 days. Only around 40 percent of the upper eyelashes and around 15 percent of the lower eyelashes remain in the growth phase at a single time. Each eyelash is expected to grow to a certain length, and then the overall growth ceases.

  • Transition Phase: Also referred to as the “Catagen” phase, this phase indicates the stop in the growth of the eyelashes. In this phase, the eyelashes stop growing any further as the hair follicles tend to shrink. If any eyelash gets plucked out or falls out during the transition phase, it will not grow back right away. This is because the hair follicle is required to complete the transition or catagen phase before advancing to the next stage. The transition phase is known to last for around 2-3 weeks.

  • Resting Phase: This is yet another phase of the eyelash growth cycle and is also referred to as the “Telogen” phase. This phase might last for over 100 days before the falling out of an eyelash as the new lash begins to grow at its place. As each individual tends to have one’s own eyelash growth cycle, it is quite normal to expect the eyelashes falling out more on some days. You should not freak out on such situations. It might typically take around 4-8 weeks for replacing an eyelash that has fallen out or plucked out.

Understand the eyelash growth cycle and ensure the best for your eyelashes.

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