Beautifully Shaped Eyebrows with Brow La

Melbourne Brow Lamination-Sandringham-


Keratin Brows Lamination seals and nourishes your natural brows while your brows are brushed and infused to the correct direction. Suitable for those stubborn brows that grow in the wrong directions.

Just like the Keratin Lash Lift, it's like a "brow perm" using keratin-based products which penetrates into the brow follicle, which strengthens and nourish your brows.

Keratin lamination is designed for eyebrows, where our lash technician will brush your brows hair into position (since some of our brows hair grows in the wrong directions). After the brows are brushed into the right position, solutions will be placed to help to correct and keep the brows in the right directions and position.

Keratin from the hair care world is what your hair is made of, products containing Keratin, a protein composed of amino acids strengthens and fill in the gaps in your follicles, this same theory applies to your lash and brow hair.


Keratin Brow Lamination After.

For the first 24 hours:

- Do Not -

 ​* wet or rub your brows

* Apply the cream around the brow area

* Take a sauna or Vaposone facial

- Swim

After 24 hours:

- Do -

comb your brows in the correct directions of your brows every day, use a clean mascara to help keep your brows in place if your brow hair is long and sparse. For best results, it is recommended to return for treatment every 5 - 6 weeks. 

Keratin Lash Lift And Brows Lamination

Keratin Lash Lift - $80.00

Keratin Brow Lamination  $70.00

Keratin Lash Lift with Tint/Henna - $90.00

Keratin Brow Lamination with Tint/Henna - $80.00

Lash Lift and Brow Lamination - $120.00

Lash Lift and Brow Lamination with Tint/Henna - $140.00