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BTL Exilis -Sandringham- Bayside

BTL Exilis uses a combination of RF and Ultrasound technology for fat reduction and skin tightening. It is a very comfortable treatment which feels like a hot stone massage. It can be used for facial skin tightening as well as body contouring.

The BTL Exilis uses a combination of Radio Frequency (RF) and ultrasound to contour and cavitation device is a non-invasive skin tightening and fat reduction treatment that can sculpt, tone and tighten without the need for painful surgeries or downtime.

  • Reduction of fat and cellulite.

  • Increase in collagen production.

  • Contouring of the body.

  • Smoother, firmer skin.

  • Pain-free

  • Non-invasive.

  • No downtime.

RF ( Radio Frequency) works by delivery concentrated heat deep into the skin without damaging the surface layers. The Heat reduces fat cells, tightens the skin, and it increases the collagen production for long term results.

​The RF and cavitation will deliver radiofrequency pulses that convert to heat energy under the skin. As the device is heating the deep layers, it is expected that you will feel warmth in the treatment area. The temperature/energy level can be reduced.

Following treatment, you can safely return to normal activities immediately, make -up can also be applied straight after treatment. Most of our clients see results immediately after treatment, however, results will be most visible after the full course is complete.

Further treatments can be conducted weekly or fortnightly for best results

We recommend a minimum of four (4) treatments per area for optimal results. Treatments can be conducted weekly or fortnightly.

With more severe cases of skin laxity or in instances where ultrasound technology will be utilised to reduce the percentage of body fat in the treatment area, multiple sessions may be required

RF contouring is not suitable for people who are pregnant, have had recent surgery, have a pacemaker or have an internal defibrillator. Those with metallic implants can not have treatment in this area. Some other condition or medications may also reduce suitability, so it is important to discuss all health-related issues with the therapist for safe and effective treatment.

RF contouring is not a weight-loss solution and should only be considered an addition to a healthy diet and exercise


Our Radio Frequency (RF) contour and cavitation device is a non-invasive skin tightening and fat reduction treatment that can sculpt, tone and tighten without the need for painful surgeries or downtime.

Common areas for treatment include:

  • Abdomen

  • thighs

  • buttock

  • arms

  • jawline

  • under chin

  • face

  • forehead

  • neck

  • love handles

  • anywhere you want

RF contouring is a safe, non-invasive treatment with minimal side effects. You may experience minor discomfort (heat) during treatment, and following treatment, temporary side effects can include:

  • Redness

  • Tenderness (mild)

  • Sweating

Pre & Post Treatment


It is important that you inform us if you have any significant medical history and/or if you are taking any medications prior to treatment, otherwise just bring yourself, and something to entertain you. If you are treating an area with a piercing, please remove this before treatment.


To maximise the RF contouring treatment, we recommend that you minimise any significant heating of the treatment area and do not have Lipo Freeze (cryolipolysis) for at least 48 hours before or after treatment. Drink plenty of water and keep active.

BTL Exilis - RF and Ultrasound for face and neck.

Neck Lift                                                                       1 x  $190.00          4 x $600.00

Eyelift  (lower, Upper and crow's feet)                     1 x  $190.00          4 x $600.00

Forehead                                                                       1 x $150.00           4 x $500.00

Perioral folds/smokers lines                                      1 x $150.00           4 x $500.00

Nasolabial folds                                                            1 x $150.00           4 x $500.00

full face                                                                          1 x $320.00           4 x $850.00

full face and neck                                                         1 x $450.00          4 x $ 1200.00

Body fat reduction and skin tightening

Stomach                                                                            1 x  $380.00           4 x $1000.00

Mid Back to lower back                                                  1 x  $180.00            4 x $600.00

Batwing (upper arm)                                                       1 x  $180.00             4 x $600.00

Love Handles                                                                   1 x $150.00              4 x $500.00

Hips                                                                                    1 x $220.00              4 x $650.00

Thighs                                                                                1 x $650.00              4 x $1600.00

Stomach and back (mid to lower)                                 1 x $550.00              4 x $1400.00

stomach, back and love handles                                   1 x $650.00             4 x $1600.00

Hips and Thighs                                                                1 x $750.00              4 x $1700.00